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We love chatting to customers at Blushield UK and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the number one question we are asked is ‘How can I protect myself and my family from EMFs?’  These are concerned people who have read the published research showing the different ways that EMF can affect our health and well-being, or who themselves already experience the effects of the increasing levels of EMF in our environment. People who are severely affected by the presence of EMF are known as electrohypersensitive (EHS) and report experiencing a wide range of symptoms including headaches, memory impairment, brain fog, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, skin rashes and nausea.

EMF – including electrical fields, magnetic fields and radio frequencies – is an invisible yet largely unavoidable presence and is part and parcel of modern living and the convenience that our increasing reliance on technology brings. For people looking to protect themselves from the effects of EMF, the number one piece of advice that anyone in the field, including us here at Blushield UK, will give is to reduce your exposure to EMF as much as possible. The starting point for this is to understand the key sources of EMF and the high emitters of all types of EMF around your living and work spaces.

Some EMF hotspots might include your WiFi router, household wiring, a smart meter, your mobile phone, home computer, baby monitor, laptop, household appliances – particularly WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled smart appliances – plus your home’s proximity to mobile phone towers, power lines, substations etc.

Once you have an understanding of the different sources of EMF, you can start to make changes to help to reduce exposure for you and your family.

A good place to start is your WiFi router. Turn it off when not in use, particularly at night so you can allow your body to rest and repair. Try and relocate the WiFi router out of living spaces in which you spend a lot of time.

Look at your sleeping arrangements next. Once people identify the EMF hotspots in their home, they often realise they are sleeping on the other side of the wall to their home’s electricity box or smart meter which can cause disturbed sleep.

Next look to your individual devices and consider ways that you can use them more safely. Distance is a really important factor particularly with electromagnetic radiation from your devices so the further away you are from the source, the less your exposure, which is why it is recommended to text or use the speaker function on your mobile phone, rather than holding it up to your head. It is also recommended to keep phones, tablets and laptops away from your body.

A safer way to use your devices is using the airplane mode. Switch the WiFi function off and the device to Airplane mode if you don’t need WiFi or data connectivity, this is a particularly important habit to teach children. Download videos and play downloaded games in airplane mode.

Another a great way to significantly reduce the amount of EMF in your home is swapping out wireless connections for wired connection. Use an ethernet cable for your computer and laptop as well as ensuring that your keyboard, printer and mouse all have a wired connection as opposed to wireless.

Taking measures to reduce your exposure to EMF within your own environment is the most important first step, However, it is almost impossible for most of us to eliminate it completely and many of us depend on the convenience that modern-day technology delivers so it can be very tricky to reduce our reliance on it.  It is also very difficult to control the level of EMF outside of our own four walls. That’s where an all-round EMF protection solution like Blushield comes in to support us in our efforts to protect ourselves against the effects of EMF on our health and well-being.

Blushield does not block, shield or change the EMF in any way, rather it offers protection from the effects of man-made EMF by emitting millions of natural scalar frequencies every 30 seconds, giving our body a different, healthier frequency to ‘tune into.’ We have evolved with Scalar waves and the beneficial information that is carried on the scalar waves with Blushield is something that we can biologically understand. In responding to Blushield’s natural scalar frequencies, the body ignores or over-rides the powerful man-made electromagnetic frequencies, thus helping us to protect our body from the negative effects of EMF.

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